The Importance of Mouth Guards

All student athletes require mouth guards when playing contact sports. We also see professional athletes using mouth guards on TV (basketball, football, boxing, etc.) However, most of us assume that if we’re playing sports recreationally, it’s not necessary to wear a mouth guard because it’s not as high intensity as playing professionally. If you play […]

Current Trends in Dentistry

Dentistry today is a far cry from what it used to be even 10-20 years ago. New technologies are rapidly emerging and people are taking dental and oral hygiene more seriously than ever before. Here are a few topics that are currently trending in the dental world. Kids and Dentistry – For a while, it […]

Evolution of Cosmetic Dentistry Danbury

Dentistry has taken major development over years thanks to advances in new innovations in dental technology. Traditionally dentistry main aim was to maintain your teeth healthful and without decay and diseases. Cosmetic Dentistry Danbury has now taken oral hygiene and treatment to an entire brand new stage, and now they are dedicated and concentrating on the […]