Painless Laser Frenectomies in New Fairfield, CT

There are two different types of a Frenectomy:

  • Lingual frenum is located under the tongue and in some cases located at the tip of the tongue. This type of frenum can interfere with speech and proper tooth development. The lingual frenectomy is a common procedure in children that are “tongue tied” and is referred to a clipping of the tongue. After this treatment is performed the tongue can usually be completely extended and fully mobile.
  • Labial frenum is located attached to the upper lip. If this frenum is attached too far, it can cause a gap between the front teeth and cause the gums to recede. Also, denture patients have their labial frenum removed to allow a proper denture fit.

We use the laser for both of these procedures for a quick painless procedure that heals great in just days