Same Day Crowns & Veneers

You can get glasses in an hour; why not expect a similar turnaround for a restored tooth? You can! Today’s technology enables us to design, mill, and place a dental crown, inlay, onlay, or cosmetic veneers, in just one office visit. The E4D Dentist System not only streamlines the dental restoration process, it features state-of-the-art imaging technology for more precise, natural-looking restorations. Our patients love the comfort and convenience of same-day dentistry.

Consider your choice:

Conventional Method

  • Visit the dentist.
  • Bite down on a sticky, messy material to make an impression of your teeth (definitely not an exact science).
  • Wear a temporary restoration up to four weeks! In the meantime, you may experience sensitivity, shifting teeth, or even breakage.
  • Visit the dentist – again – for your permanent restoration.

Porcelain Veneers

Same-Day Dentistry with E4D

  • Visit the dentist.
  • Sit back while we quickly scan your prepared tooth with a laser wand; wirelessly send the information to an in-office milling station; and virtually design your highly accurate restoration. You can even preview how it will look!
  • E4D design software allows us to add cusps, contours, grooves, and other anatomical features for a natural look and feel.
  • We finish by customizing the shade and luster to complement your facial features.
  • In a short time, your metal-free restoration is ready.
  • You leave, same day, with a custom crown, inlay, onlay or veneer(s).

Tooth Crown

The before/after photos above include a ¾ crown made and custom-stained here in the office, all on the same day. There was no temporary needed and the procedure conserved as much natural tooth structure as possible.