Current Trends in Dentistry

Dentistry today is a far cry from what it used to be even 10-20 years ago. New technologies are rapidly emerging and people are taking dental and oral hygiene more seriously than ever before. Here are a few topics that are currently trending in the dental world.

  1. Kids and Dentistry – For a while, it was the norm to associate kids with braces and cavities. As long as they were brushing their teeth properly and consistently, we didn’t really educate them beyond the basics. Nowadays, with the movement towards healthier, sugar-free foods, kids are learning about the benefits of healthy eating not just for their body but also for their teeth. Lunches in schools are banning sodas and sugary juices while giving kids healthier options. New cooking shows based on kids and their talent (Master Chef Junior, Rachel Ray’s Kids Cook-Off etc.) are also focusing on teaching kids how to prepare healthy and nutritious foods. All of this further educates our kids and helps them have a more holistic approach to keeping their teeth healthy and clean.
  2. Your Mouth and Your Health – As the world becomes a more globally connected place, it’s changing our viewpoints on how everything is connected – even your teeth, mouth, and your entire body! These days, dentists are more important than ever because they not only keep our smiles white and bright, but can help assist with preventative care for everything from acid reflux to diabetes based on your oral health. We are becoming more aware of how connected our body really is and science continues to show evidence that your mouth and teeth play a very key role in your overall body health.
  3. Technology – As technology continues to improve, better care and treatments become more affordable for the average person. Dentists are continuously improving their techniques and treatments, making them better, faster, and less painful. Even though technology has always been improving, this is a particularly exciting time with technologies that allow for more precise and accurate dentistry (3D models, digital x-rays, guided surgeries, etc.)

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