Like Your Smile? Thank Your Dental Hygienist!

How much do you know about your dental hygienist? Our hygienists are an important part of our team, and their services are vital in keeping our patients’ teeth and gums in excellent condition.

Here is just a partial list of what our hygienists do for patients who come in for a cleaning and check-up:

  • Screen patients for oral health, health history, oral cancer, dental charting
  • Take patient blood pressure
  • Take dental x-rays (radiographs)
  • Remove dental plaque from the surfaces of the teeth
  • Polish the teeth until they shine
  • Apply preventive materials like fluorides and sealants
  • Help patients learn proper oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing

And that’s not all! Our hygienists not only brighten your smile, but they work hard to create a comfortable atmosphere so you can relax.

Becoming a dental hygienist takes a lot of education and hard work. In Connecticut, to become a dental hygienist you must:

  • Complete a CT board-approved dental hygienist program
  • Pass the National Board examination
  • Successfully complete a clinical performance exam
  • Get a CT license

Hygienists never stop learning and must keep up in their field by taking continuing education courses each year.

So the next time you visit us for a cleaning, think about the person behind the mask. He or she is an experienced professional with an amazing amount of knowledge about oral health. After your teeth are squeaky clean, take a moment to thank your dental hygienist for your beautiful smile!

Let Us Know If You Have Questions on Any Aspect of Oral Health Care

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