Preventative Care

Preventative Dental Care is the information and treatment you receive to ensure your mouth stays healthy and to prevent disease. Our hygienists are trained in the most up to date procedures to make sure your visits are comprehensive. At every hygiene visit, your blood pressure will be taken and disease processes will be discussed, both dental and systemic. Your mouth is a passageway to your body so we not only want your mouth to be healthy, but also want you to be healthy overall. Whether it is your first visit with us or check up appointment, you will receive top notch care and information to make sure your mouth and overall well being are as healthy as can be.

Candlewood Preventative Dental Care

At Candlewood Dental Care, we use state of the art equipment to provide the best care for our patients. We utilize intraoral cameras so we can show you what we see! These cameras take still pictures of teeth, gums, or soft tissue so you can see areas of concern and understand why certain procedures need to be done.

We also use a Velscope to perform oral cancer screenings. Usually during your routine dental visit, a dentist or hygienist performs a visual clinical oral cancer screening, making sure all areas in the mouth are normal without ulcerations or swelling. However, new studies have shown that there is a link between oral cancer and HPV. Studies have also revealed that if a mass is noticeable with the naked eye, the malignancy has progressed too far. The VELscope technology uses a special blue light to excite the abnormal cells in the mucosa and make them fluorescent. Because of the link with HPV, it is recommended that all adults from the age of 18 get regular VELscope oral cancer screenings once a year.