How to Care for Your Teeth After a Dental Procedure

Going to the dentist is important for regular checkups but in order to minimize more frequent and unnecessary trips to the dentists, here are a few basic guidelines for how to take care of your teeth after a certain procedure.

How to Care for Your Teeth After..

Getting Your Teeth Whitened – After bleaching your teeth, you may feel some temporary sensitivity in your teeth. Avoid eating or drinking cold beverages or foods for a day or two to avoid the sensitivity. Use toothpaste that is for sensitive teeth and avoid toothpastes that are extra harsh, whitening or abrasive on your teeth. Brush after every meal or after consuming sticky or dark colored substances to maintain the whitening for as long as possible.

Getting a Cavity Filled – Ask your dentist how long it takes for your cavity to fully set. Do not eat anything sticky, sugary or hard until you are sure your cavity is set. (It’s also probably best to eliminate most sticky, chewy foods from your diet especially if you’re cavity prone.) Be careful not to eat anything until your anesthetic wears off so that you don’t accidentally bite your tongue or cheek. Also, do not drink extremely hot or cold drinks until the next day.

Getting Dental Surgery – Make sure to take your prescribed antibiotics and try to rest for the remainder of the day (i.e. don’t have surgery then go back to work after.) Apply ice if you have any swelling and don’t eat anything until the bleeding has stopped. Keep your mouth as clean as possible and don’t eat foods that are difficult to chew or foods that stick to your mouth. Sticky foods attract bacteria, which could cause you to get an infection.

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