Common Procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry

Your teeth and smile can make a huge impact on your overall look and demeanor. Being too embarrassed to show your teeth is an unnecessary stress that you don’t need. Here are a few of the most common procedures that cosmetic dentistry has to offer.

  1. BleachTeeth whitening is one of the most common and easily done treatments for your teeth. It is an instant fixer upper and makes your smile seem brighter and wider after only one session. Yellow or discolored teeth can occur for many reasons other than bad hygiene. Sometimes it’s genetic, caused by environmental factors (such as smoking or drinking a lot of coffee or wine), or a side effect of aging.
  2. Reshaping/Contouring – Using a variety of methods, your dentist can change the shape, length or even position of your teeth – all in one day! Reshaping or contouring can involve bonding which is a hardening putty that can fill the gaps in your teeth. Bonding can also cover the tooth entirely to create a completely different shaped or colored tooth.
  3. VeneersVeneers are generally made of porcelain and are attached to the front of your teeth to give you a perfect and even smile. It solves the same problems as bonding and is used to treat similar cosmetic issues, however, veneers last a lot longer and have less of a chance of discoloration compared to bonding. At Candlewood Dental Care, we can do your veneers the same day!
  4. Crowns – This is the most expensive solution to uneven teeth. For most places, it can take multiple visits to apply. At Candlewood, we can make it a same day procedure! This is the best option for many because it is the longest lasting procedure if you are very careful and take extremely good care of your teeth.

If you have any questions about getting a cosmetic procedure done, call Candlewood Dental Care 203-746-1200 or make an appointment here. Dr. Lorraine Burio has been treating patients in the New Fairfield, CT area with a wide range of cosmetic issues for over twenty-five years and can give you the best treatment plan to make your teeth beautiful again.