Be Smart This Summer With Healthy Summer Treats

It’s summer, and that means lots of sugary treats like Popsicles, ice cream, lemonade and snack bar candy. These sweet foods can really wreak havoc on your child’s teeth. Sugar causes tooth decay if not removed quickly with brushing and flossing. And many summer treats are high-acid which can break down tooth enamel and also […]

How To Help Your Child Overcome Fear of the Dentist

Regular dental visits are an important part of oral health care. But for youngsters, a trip to the dentist can be very scary. Think about it from their point of view – having to sit in an unfamiliar room where there are strange noises and smells along with unfamiliar objects. Then a stranger comes close […]

Swap Sugary Snacks for Healthy Ones

Children love their sweets, but many choices can wreak havoc on their teeth. Sugary snacks like candy, cake and cookies can cause tooth decay. Sweet foods and snacks can contain many different kinds of sugar including sucrose, which is table sugar, and corn sweeteners or fructose. How Sugar Damages the Teeth Bacteria that live in […]

Are Your Children Fooling You?

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and a great time to learn more about dental care for children. This year’s slogan is, “Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and clean between your teeth for a healthy smile.” Sounds simple, but when it comes to children, it’s not always easy to make sure that they […]

How To Handle a Child’s Dental Accident

If there is an active child in your life, you know how easily – and often – accidents can happen. Anywhere and anytime, your child may experience a dental injury like a cracked, chipped or broken tooth, or the loss of a tooth. It’s helpful to know in advance how to handle these dental emergencies. […]

Coping With Halloween Candy: Our Top 5 Tips

Halloween is right around the corner and your little ghosts, goblins and princesses can’t wait for the day! However, for parents, Halloween presents dental health challenges. To get your child – and you – through the temptations of Halloween candy, it helps to have a plan. Here are our top 5 tips for healthy Halloween […]

Mouthguards Are Important for Young Athletes

If your young athlete is gearing up for football season, make sure that a well-fitting mouthguard is on your equipment list.   As the levels of participation in youth and adolescent sports rise, so does the incidence of injuries. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), 10-20% of youth sports-related injuries are maxillofacial, or facial […]