Connecticut Dental Association Urges Good Oral Health Care for Seniors

Taking good care of your teeth and oral health is a lifelong job. That’s the message from the Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA). In a recent press release, the CSDA highlighted proper oral health care for older adults. It may be natural to experience more problems with your oral health later in life, but that […]

Yes, There Are Solutions to Sleep Apnea!

Are you very sleepy even during the day? Does your sleeping partner complain of your loud snoring or even that you appear to stop breathing in the night? Do you have heartburn, headaches, dry mouth or a sore throat in the morning? If you experience any of these symptoms, you may have a condition called […]

Listen to Your Teeth!

If your teeth could talk, what do you think they might say to you? After all, your teeth watch every bit of food and drink that passes your lips. They observe how often you brush your teeth and floss, and keep track of those times when you might skimp on your oral care routine. Use […]

Excellent Dental Care Is Essential for Those with Diabetes

A recent survey of 2.5 million American adults revealed a surprise: Those with diabetes or prediabetes are least likely to visit the dentist! Why not? It’s really a mystery, because the sugar-loving bacteria in your mouth put people with diabetes at an increased risk for gum disease. Those with poor blood sugar control get periodontal […]

Plaque and Tartar – What’s the Difference?

We all know that regular brushing of the teeth and flossing can help avoid cavities. But what exactly is the mechanism that causes tooth decay? Plaque – Bacteria That Causes Cavities and Gum Disease Tiny food particles and saliva mix in your mouth and form a sticky, colorless material called plaque. Unless brushed away, plaque […]

What Is a Tongue Tie?

Have you ever heard of a “tongue tie?” Most of us have 2 bands of tissue called “frenums” in our mouths. The lingual frenum is between the tongue’s base and the floor of the mouth. Sometimes the frenum can restrict the movement of the tongue if it extends towards the tip of the tongue. This […]

3 Easy Steps to Straighter Teeth

If you wish that your smile revealed straighter teeth, we have the solution for you – and it’s a simple one! At our office, we offer ClearCorrect technology as a more comfortable and attractive alternative to traditional braces. ClearCorrect can be applied to just about anyone, of any age, and helps correct crooked or rotated […]

Get Checked for Oral Cancer During Oral Cancer Awareness Month

There is one type of cancer that is rarely on one’s radar, yet it kills almost one person every hour, every day. This is oral and oropharyngeal cancer – cancers of the mouth and upper throat – and 40% of those diagnosed with this disease won’t survive longer than 5 years. The relatively high death […]

Wearing Braces: The Do’s and Don’ts of Good Oral Care

It is not impossible to practice good oral care while wearing braces. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary! You’ve made a large investment in your child’s physical and emotional health, so it’s vital to monitor their oral hygiene habits. The good news is that even the dreaded “white spot” lesions that are caused by decalcification of […]