Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs of a Dental Cavity!

Dental decay, or cavity, is a sneaky problem that may have no warning signs in the beginning.

A cavity is damage to the hard surface of your tooth that can be caused by poor oral care, bacteria in the mouth or drinking too many sugary drinks. If mouth bacteria is not removed with regular brushing and flossing, plaque develops and can harden into harmful tartar on the tooth and below the gum line.

By the way, children are not the only ones who get cavities! Anyone with teeth can get a cavity including infants.

As a cavity grows, it will affect the deeper tooth layers. If not spotted and treated promptly, a cavity may even cause infection and tooth loss.

If you have dental decay, you may notice:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Toothache without any obvious cause
  • Pain when biting down
  • Mild or sharper pain when drinking or eating hot, cold or sweet foods
  • Tooth staining
  • Pitting or holes in your teeth

If you have tooth pain or observe any other of these signs, be sure to call us right away for an appointment. Cavities never go away – they only get bigger and more serious.

Treating Dental Cavities

Once we confirm that you have a cavity with an oral exam and x-ray, we have several treatment options:

  • Fillings or restorations are the main treatment options. We will remove the decayed part of the tooth and replace it with a synthetic material such as composite or ceramic. The filling will harden into a durable substance that will act just like your tooth enamel.
  • Crowns may be necessary for extensive decay or weakened teeth. This custom-fitted material replaces your tooth’s crown. We specialize in same-day crowns so there is no waiting to have your custom-crown completed.
  • Sometimes the tooth is so decayed that it must be removed. To prevent other teeth from shifting into the resulting gap, we will discuss installing a bridge or dental implant to replace the missing tooth.

A cavity is just one of the many reasons why regular dental cleanings and exams are so important! Please contact us if you have tooth pain or if it’s been a while since you have had a dental check-up and cleaning. We are here to help!

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