5 Foods To Avoid If You Have a Dry Mouth

In order for your mouth to be healthy, it needs to have a good amount of saliva. Saliva is what helps your body keep the bacteria at bay. When your mouth is too dry for a long period of time, your mouth is more prone to infection and disease. It is also a sign that the rest of your body is dehydrated and isn’t getting enough water. Here are a few foods to avoid if you have a dry mouth problem.

  1. Salt/Salty Foods

    This is fairly obvious but salty foods can cause your already dry mouth to become even drier. Salt pulls the moisture out and when consumed in large quantities can even affect your blood pressure. If you have a high-sodium diet, try to eat more low sodium foods and season the food you cook at home minimally. You can substitute salt with herbs and spices.

  2. Acidic Foods

    Anything from vinegar to sour candy can be harmful to your mouth if it is dry. Without the proper amount of saliva, the acid will break down your enamel and cause your tongue to be defenseless against the bacteria that lives inside your mouth.

  3. Spicy Foods

    Spicy foods are a lot more painful to eat if you don’t have enough saliva in your mouth to wash away the spice (or protect your mouth from the initial heat). If you have a dry mouth, try to tone down the spiciness and drink a lot of water.

  4. Dry Foods

    Saltines, other crackers, toast, etc. are all difficult to eat if you have a dry mouth and will draw out the little moisture you have left in your mouth when you try to chew. If you want to eat crackers, use a dip to make it easier for you to break down the food.

  5. Chewy Meats

    Breaking down meat takes a lot of effort. Your teeth and saliva work together to break down the meat so that it’s soft enough to swallow. If you have a dry mouth, pick a cut of meat that is softer and juicier so that your mouth doesn’t have to do as much work.

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