5 Foods that Help Naturally Brighten Teeth

We all know that there are a lot of foods that are bad for your teeth. Sugar and acids both stain and damage your teeth. Sticky foods are especially bad because they leave sticky residue between your teeth where it’s difficult to clean. But although there is a list of foods to avoid, there is also a list of foods that can help keep your teeth cleaner and your smile a little brighter!

  1. Plain Dairy

    Dairy that doesn’t have added sugar like cheese, milk and healthy yogurts are very helpful in keeping your teeth strong and healthy. They also help keep your teeth looking shiny.

  2. Apples/Oranges

    Both fruits are slightly acidic and help keep the surfaces of your teeth clean. The crunchiness of apples also helps the fruit remove plaque so that the little crevices also get cleaned.

  3. Greens

    All vegetables that are green (the darker the better) help give your teeth essential vitamins and minerals to keep your teeth a healthy white shine from the inside out. Greens can also contain calcium, which is essential for your teeth.

  4. Meat/Eggs

    Foods that are high in phosphorus also keep your teeth healthy from the inside out. Meat and eggs keep your teeth strong so that it’s more difficult for tooth decay to occur.

  5. Probiotics/Antioxidants

    Any foods with probiotics and antioxidants help keep your body as a whole healthy and balanced. If your body is healthy, it usually means your teeth are healthier as well (as long as you maintain a healthy dental routine). Some foods to consider are grapes, nuts, beans, kombucha, and sauerkraut.

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