Modern Dentistry – Get Your Crowns and Veneers on the Same Day!

As dental technologies continue to improve, it becomes harder to keep up with all of the new and different terminologies and procedures that are available. At Candlewood Dental Care in New Fairfield, Connecticut, we want you to be aware of the best and current treatment options so that you can get the most out of […]

Periodontal Dentistry: New Fairfield Practice Explains Risk Factors

When it comes to periodontal disease — what is commonly referred to as gum disease — New Fairfield patients should know there are several factors that contribute to one’s overall risk. Recognizing that gum disease ranges from simple red or inflamed tissues to tooth loss and internal bone damage, knowing those risk factors can mean […]

The Pros of Dental Veneers:

Dental veneers consist of tooth-like material utilized in thin sheets utilized to restore and benefit the appearance of your teeth. They provide a less invasive procedure versus an option such as dental crowns because they require less tooth preparation when being placed. One of the greatest aspects of the increased availability of veneers is that […]

Cosmetic Dentistry New Fairfield, CT

First impressions mean a lot; that split second when you meet someone for the first time can set the tone for your whole relationship and even prevent a relationship from growing. As human beings, our primary mode of communication is verbal, words coming from our mouths. This means that we instinctively look at each other’s […]