Snoring Is Annoying but Sleep Apnea May Threaten Your Health

Snoring in bed can be an unpleasant behavior, and not just for your partner! If you are snoring then you probably are not getting a good night’s sleep. What Causes Snoring? Snoring results when the tissues in your throat relax so much that they vibrate because they partially block your airway. This happens when you […]

Adults Don’t Need To Worry About Unsightly Metal Braces with SureSmile

Sometimes when they hear the word orthodontics, New Milford adult patients cringe and imagine a world where bright steel wire and brackets are strung across their teeth, leaving the impression to their friends and colleagues that perhaps they’re back in middle school. Fortunately for our adult patients, nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, […]

At The Dentist, New Fairfield Kids “Brace” For Bad News

The first time they hear the word “braces,” New Fairfield kids usually have an image in their mind of the enormous cartoon caricatures they’ve seen on television: sad, lumbering children burdened by piles of metal and wire. Even before they learn the first thing about orthodontics, New Fairfield children might think they’re destined for a lifetime of […]