Snacks for Healthier Teeth

If you or your family are eating a lot of chips, cookies, and chocolate it’s time to look for some healthier alternatives. There are plenty of snack options that are healthy and tasty and not harmful to your teeth or your body. They don’t have to be expensive or fancy either! Here are a few snacks to keep in the pantry or fridge for those random times you want to munch.

  1. Yogurt – yogurt is both delicious and nutritious for your teeth and your body. It contains calcium and phosphates that help keep your teeth strong and healthy. Try to choose yogurts that don’t have a high sugar content and if possible, chop your own fruits to add instead of buying the kind with the fruit inside.
  2. Fresh Fruit/Vegetables – Pears have been known to neutralize the acid on your teeth’s surface and contain a lot of fiber which aids in saliva production. Saliva production is key to keeping your mouth at the right pH level. Strawberries, apples, bananas and watermelons are also all very good for you. Vegetables might not sound as fun to eat, but cucumbers, carrots, and celery can all be delicious with a light and healthy dip on the side. As with anything else, eat both fruits and vegetables with dip in moderation as excess consumption can be more harmful than helpful.
  3. Cheese – cheese (not the super processed kind) may be helpful in protecting your enamel from constant exposure to strong substances such as coffee, tea or wine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re eating the regular kind or fat free since it’s not the fat content that does the protecting. When certain dairy products are consumed, it helps neutralize the acidic level of the other foods we are eating while also stimulating saliva production. Cheese also contains casein phosphate which helps strengthen teeth. For the best benefits, eat a small bite or two of cheese throughout your meal and at the very end.
  4. Tap Water – most tap water contains fluoride which helps reverse the damage done to your enamel by acids. Water is also the better choice to keep you hydrated in the hot weather and doesn’t contain any sugars like iced tea or lemonade. If plain water is not flavorful enough for you, add a few slices of your favorite fruit and let it sit for a few minutes before drinking.

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