How Your Teeth Can Save You

Modern technologies have allowed the medical field to grow and develop at rapid rates. Just a few decades ago, people could have never imagined that AIDS could be controlled or 3D printing could save lives. The cure for cancer was thought of as an impossible achievement and although Dolly the sheep had been successfully cloned, no one was really sure what to do with that technology.

Fast forward to the current times and we are already making huge advances that may eventually eradicate cancer. We even have the ability to create organs or live tissue in a lab that exactly matches the person in need. After giving birth, parents are asked if they want to keep their baby’s cord blood – the blood from the umbilical cord that still contains stem cells – because it can potentially be used to help cure their child of any future diseases. It almost sounds like a sci-fi movie, but this is just a small glimpse of what modern medical treatments look like.

In the last few decades, the dental field has also seen a lot of improvement and development. Tools and treatments are continuously being upgraded and research is continually giving us more information on how to best treat our teeth and mouths. One of the most interesting breakthroughs that happened in the past few years was the discovery that the stem cells of baby teeth, located in the soft center of the tooth, can actually be reverted back to basic stem cells that can be used to repair any part of the body. This means that if you ever get seriously ill, the stem cells in your baby teeth could potentially save your life.

A lost baby tooth, once worth a quarter or dollar at most, is now known to be much more valuable. There are even companies that will extract the cells and store them for you (just like cord banks) until you need to use them. It costs about $1800 for the extraction and about $120 a month to keep it stored.

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