Don’t Let Seasonal Temptations Ruin Your Teeth: 6 Tips To Take Care of Your Teeth During the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing, and at this festive time of year we will enjoy many fun occasions with family and friends. Most of these luncheons, dinners, cocktail parties and tree-trimming celebrations center on food and drink.

Before you dive headfirst into latkes, cookies and hot chocolate, give a thought to your dental health. Enjoying holiday activities means eating and drinking fun foods at all times of the day and night, often away from home and without the opportunity to brush food particles away.

Here are our top 6 tips to maintaining your oral health during this season of temptation:

  • Stick with your daily dental routine. Don’t skip brushings or daily flossing. Keep an eye on your kids too so they aren’t diving into bed at night without cleaning their teeth.
  • Limit sugary treats. That may be hard to do with candy canes everywhere, but choose healthier treats like fruit, cheeses and vegetables with dip. Enjoy sweets once in a while, but make sure you can clean your teeth right afterwards.
  • Make dental care to-go. Tuck a tiny dental kit in your purse or pocket to use when you are out and about. Include travel toothpaste, a small collapsible toothbrush and mini-floss.
  • Chew sugarless gum. If you can’t brush, chew sugarless gum which boosts saliva and helps flush out food debris.
  • Skip soda and sugar-laden drinks. Drink plenty of water each day to rinse away any stray food particles. For a festive look, opt for sugar-free sparkling water.
  • Avoid sticky, hard and gummy foods. Many sweets have a sticky consistency that can linger on tooth surfaces and create the perfect environment for bacteria. Enjoy an occasional small piece of chocolate – which will quickly melt away – to appease that sweet tooth.

One last item: Give a gift to yourself by scheduling your 2019 dental cleanings and oral exams right now! The gift of good oral health is one that keeps on giving long after the holidays are past.

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