In-House Peg Lateral Treatments Can Really Brighten Up Your Smile

Sometimes the second tooth on either side of the front teeth doesn’t develop properly.

When this occurs, these incisors can be small and often pointed, looking like a cone. In some cases the permanent adult tooth doesn’t develop at all and the baby tooth may remain in place. Often heredity can be blamed for an under-developed tooth, as your parents may have the same abnormality.

An under-developed adult tooth is known as a peg lateral. If you have such a tooth, you may be self-conscious about your smile, and you may wonder if it’s possible to correct or restore the tooth with a veneer.

The answer is – Yes! There is no reason to be embarrassed because of irregularities in your teeth that make your smile less than it can be.

Correct a Peg Lateral Tooth in One-Day!

Applying a veneer over the peg lateral tooth is a great solution to correct and improve your smile.

We use the E4D Dentist System, an in-office process where we design, mill and place a cosmetic veneer in just one visit. This innovative system not only streamlines the dental restoration process, but its state-of-the-art imaging technology gives more precise and natural-looking results.

Another advantage of the E4D system is that we can easily get an accurate match to the color of the surrounding teeth because we make color adjustments right in our office.

The process is easy! The patient’s tooth is scanned with a laser wand that transmits wireless data to our in-office milling station. During production, we will customize the shade and luster to match your teeth as well as complement your facial features.

In addition to custom veneers, the E4D system produces one-day dental crowns, inlays and onlays too.

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