At The Dentist, New Fairfield Kids “Brace” For Bad News

Braces - CandlewoodThe first time they hear the word “braces,” New Fairfield kids usually have an image in their mind of the enormous cartoon caricatures they’ve seen on television: sad, lumbering children burdened by piles of metal and wire. Even before they learn the first thing about orthodontics, New Fairfield children might think they’re destined for a lifetime of embarrassment and discomfort.

The good news for kids — and for the parents who are trying to soothe their fears and concerns — is that today’s modern braces are nothing like what they’ve seen in books or heard about on the playground. First of all, most orthodontic treatments involving braces last less than two years — often, the total time spent wearing them amounts to just a few months.

Second, today’s braces are designed to be infinitely more comfortable than those of even just a few years ago. Many styles are virtually invisible, and some — such as the SureSmile system and similar products — are removable, so a patient can take them off to eat, brush or floss.

Finally, no matter what sort of braces or orthodontic procedure your child is going through, it’s important to stress to them how satisfying the final product will be. After the process is complete, not only will their teeth be more aesthetically appealing, they’ll feel better, too; remembering the ultimate improvement in comfort when biting, chewing or even speaking that’s in their future can be a powerful way to make the time in braces feel well worth it.

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