Teaching Your Child To Brush Their Teeth

If you have a toddler, you may wonder at what age they will be able to brush their own teeth. Each child’s pace is different in terms of developing motor skills as well as the attention span necessary to perform this task. You should already be cleaning your small child’s teeth twice a day using […]

5 Facts About Strong Teeth

It’s always fun to learn more about your teeth. The more you know, the better you can take care of yourself! Fun facts can also help children become more interested in their own teeth so that they can learn to take care of them early! Tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances on earth! […]

Child Friendly Foods for Healthy Teeth

The holidays are a time filled with family, friends and a lot of food. For adults, a little extra slice of pie here and there won’t be too harmful, but for kids, it’s easier for junk foods to make a negative impact on their teeth. Kids may not remember to drink water or brush their […]

Top 5 Reasons Kids Go to the Dentist

Kids are young so their teeth should be fairly healthy, but that doesn’t mean that they only have to go to the dentist once a year for a checkup. If you notice that your child is complaining about any sort of dental ailment, see your dentist right away. Here are a few of the top […]

Brushing Children’s Teeth

Young children often want to do everything themselves, even if it takes twice as long or is twice as difficult. Usually, it’s not a big deal since putting on a shirt backwards or wearing the wrong shoe on the wrong foot is an easy fix. However, with oral hygiene, it’s very important to make sure […]

The Importance of Mouth Guards

All student athletes require mouth guards when playing contact sports. We also see professional athletes using mouth guards on TV (basketball, football, boxing, etc.) However, most of us assume that if we’re playing sports recreationally, it’s not necessary to wear a mouth guard because it’s not as high intensity as playing professionally. If you play […]

The Importance of Teeth in Speech

Our teeth are important for many reasons. Most of us like to keep them healthy and clean so that we have a nice bright smile and have the ability to eat whatever we like. Healthy teeth, however, can be important for many other things as well, including one of the most important means of communication […]