Why We Should Floss

Flossing is ALWAYS stressed by any dentist, however most people still don’t find it important enough to do. Maybe we assume that brushing is enough and flossing is just an added bonus. Here are a few reasons that may make you change your mind.

  1. You Can Save Money

Who doesn’t want to save money? Taking care of your teeth the right way can save you a lot of money by preventing future problems. These days, insurance is getting more and more expensive and more difficult to get. If you have any children, you already know how fast those medical or dental expenses can pile up. Flossing daily has been proven to keep your teeth healthier than if you don’t floss. Floss to save!

  1. Protect Those Gums

Have you ever accidentally stumbled on some photos of gums infected with gingivitis or worse? Not only is it not a pretty sight, it can be painful and irritating and lead to tooth and bone loss. A toothbrush alone can’t get into all of the cracks and crevices especially the space where the gum meets between the teeth.

  1. Tartar Buildup

When hard plaque builds up in your mouth, it is almost impossible to remove without seeing a dentist. This means that you have to make another appointment in your busy schedule and sit through an uncomfortable scraping of your teeth. (Also reaffirming #1.) When you floss, you can remove plaque while it’s still in a semi-flexible form.

Flossing is the Robin to Batman (brushing). Batman and Robin work as a team to give you the best results. Both brushing and flossing have different strengths and purposes. They are not the same thing and cannot be substituted for each other. More information on brushing can be found here.

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