Top 5 Reasons Kids Go to the Dentist

Kids are young so their teeth should be fairly healthy, but that doesn’t mean that they only have to go to the dentist once a year for a checkup. If you notice that your child is complaining about any sort of dental ailment, see your dentist right away. Here are a few of the top reasons why kids end up going to the dentist (besides for their yearly checkups).

  1. Cavities – Cavities can form for many different reasons; too much sugar in your diet, too many acidic foods such as soda or vinegar in your diet, dry mouth, poor oral hygiene, etc. To prevent your kids from ending up with cavities, make it a habit early on to brush for at least two minutes twice a day. Also, educate your kids on which foods are good and bad for your teeth so that they can make healthy choices when you’re not around.
  2. Grinding – Grinding teeth can happen due to stress or just general changes within your child’s body. Grinding can lead to tooth erosion and permanent damage. If your child grinds their teeth a lot, try pointing it out whenever you can so that you can make them aware that it’s happening.
  3. Tooth Misalignment – A lot of us remember wearing metal braces to help fix our teeth and put them in a straight line. Now there’s Sure Smile, which is a much more improved solution that makes it seem like you’re not even wearing anything on your teeth.
  4. Baby Teeth – Baby teeth should fall out after a certain time but sometimes your adult teeth decide not to wait and come out next to your baby teeth. When this happens, your dentist needs to remove one of the teeth so that they don’t crowd your mouth.
  5. Sensitive Teeth – With all of the junky and sugary foods that exist, it’s difficult to completely stay away from foods that wear down your teeth. If your child has sensitive teeth, switch their toothpaste to a milder one and make sure to add more calcium and vitamin D to their diet.

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