5 Facts About Strong Teeth

It’s always fun to learn more about your teeth. The more you know, the better you can take care of yourself! Fun facts can also help children become more interested in their own teeth so that they can learn to take care of them early!

  1. Tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances on earth! When your enamel is healthy, very few things can hurt your teeth. However, it’s very difficult to upkeep your enamel’s strength without proper nutrition and care. This is how people end up with cavities or weak teeth.
  2. Our tooth enamel (when strong) can also handle up to 200 lbs. of pressure on the larger teeth. That’s a lot of pressure! Even so, you should still be careful when eating foods that are crunchy or hard.
  3. Your jaw muscle is the strongest muscle in your body. This is important because your jaw helps you break down food before it goes into your system so that you can digest more easily and absorb the most nutrients.
  4. The reason why fluoride is recommended for our teeth is because it helps protect the enamel from deterioration due to acid. It binds itself to the surface of the tooth and helps keep your teeth strong.
  5. The root of your teeth are more than three times as long as the crown. This is why root canals are very effective and can help protect your teeth for the rest of your life even if the crown is damaged.

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