Which Food Has More Sugar? You Will Be Surprised!

Did you know that a mocha Frappuccino drink has more than three times the amount of sugar than a chocolate-covered, cream-filled doughnut?

Bacteria that feed on the sugars in food and drinks forms plaque and acids that can cause tooth decay. Too much sugar in the diet also causes weight gain, increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and may even increase your risk of cancer and depression.

Natural sugar found in potatoes and apples is better for you than sugar that is added to drinks and foods. Often sugar is added in the form of fructose, sucrose or corn sweetener – you can find sugar lurking in many foods by reading product labels.

Surprising Sugar Contents

  • Ketchup comes with 4 grams of sugar – 1 teaspoon – per tablespoon, while mustard only has a trace.
  • Apple juice contains 42 grams, or more than 10 teaspoons, of sugar in a 12-oz. serving. This is even more than most soft drinks that have 39 grams.
  • Gummy bearsare sugary treats that are damaging because they stick to your teeth. But dried cranberries have 50% more sugar than gummy bears, but a lot more fiber.
  • Raisin bran cereals have 18 grams of sugar in every cup, while a blueberry waffle has only 3 grams. Even with maple syrup, bringing the waffle total to 15 grams, there is still less sugar than raisin cereals.
  • Jarred – and sweetened – tomato sauces have 3 times the amount of sugar as in a serving of strawberries.
  • Canned peaches– packed in light syrup – has more sugar than 3 chocolate chip cookies. But the fruit’s sugar is natural along with more fiber and nutrients.
  • For breakfast, choose 3 4-inch pancakes with only 5 grams of sugar instead of flavored instant oatmeal with double the sugar.
  • Candy bars and granola bars both have plenty of sugar, but a typical candy bar will have twice as much. Opt for granola bars with lots of whole grains, proteins and nuts.

And next time you crave a coffee-chocolatey combination, skip the mocha Frappuccino and opt instead for a cup of plain coffee with a small serving of dark chocolate.

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