What Is a Tongue Tie?

Have you ever heard of a “tongue tie?”

Most of us have 2 bands of tissue called “frenums” in our mouths. The lingual frenum is between the tongue’s base and the floor of the mouth. Sometimes the frenum can restrict the movement of the tongue if it extends towards the tip of the tongue. This can cause eating and speaking problems for the patient and can interfere with breastfeeding in infants.

The second kind of frenum or labial frenum is located in the front of the mouth in the upper arch. The labial frenum connects the inside front lip to the upper front gums. If it is too long or too wide, it may connect right through the upper teeth, creating a space between the 2 front teeth.

How a Frenectomy Works

A frenectomy, also known as a tongue tie release, can correct problems resulting from a lingual or labial frenum. This surgical procedure can be done right here in our office and will free the tongue to allow proper movement including swallowing and speech.

Here are just some of the benefits of a frenectomy:

  • More successful breastfeeding
  • Better milk production for nursing mothers
  • Avoidance of certain long-term problems such as speech impairments, tooth spacing and palatal development
  • Prevent speech issues
  • Allow development of a normal swallowing pattern
  • Reduce the risk of choking

At our practice, we offer “frenectomy without needles,” a technology that produces less pain and provides for faster healing.

If you have any concerns about your child’s speech pattern, or if you are having problems breastfeeding your baby and suspect that a lingual frenum may be to blame, please come in to see us right away!

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