Teeth Whitening: Which Treatment Is Best?

We all want that pearly white smile shown in TV ads and flashed by celebrities. But it can be bewildering to choose the right whitening product: Whitening toothpaste? Rinse? Over-the-counter strips and gels? Tray based? Or at your dentist’s office?

Each treatment has its pros and cons. Here is a quick overview and comparison against those services offered at your dentist. You can read more about the different whitening methods on our website.

  • Whitening toothpastes. These toothpastes contain gentle chemical or polishing agents that remove surface stains only and will lighten teeth by only one shade.
  • Whitening rinses. These freshen breath and reduce plaque, but also contain ingredients that will whiten the teeth. It may take up to 12 weeks of use for you to see results.
  • Over-the-counter whitening strips and gels. In both these products, you’ll see results in a few days but the whitening effect will last for only about 4 months.
  • Tray-based whiteners. Whether purchased over-the-counter or from a dentist, these systems use a tray filled with a gel whitening solution. You’ll wear the tray during the night for at least 4 weeks.

Dental Office Whitening Techniques

Teeth bleaching available at our office will give you the quickest results. You’ll see results in one treatment, but for dramatic results several treatments are needed.

In-office treatments have a greater percentage of bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide. Because the solution is applied directly to the teeth, there’s no risk of irritation from an ill-fitting tray. We’ll use gel or a rubber shield to protect your gums and oral cavity.

No matter which treatment is used, success depends on the level of staining, the condition of the teeth and which bleaching system is used.

Please come visit us so we can discuss the best teeth whitening process for you!

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