Why Should I Do My Teeth Whitening At The Dentist?

There are numerous reasons people choose to whiten their teeth — teeth whitening offers a brighter, whiter smile that projects confidence and health. It’s a great choice for many people who aren’t completely satisfied with the color of their teeth, but it’s also important to make the choice to have the procedure done at a professional dentist’s office, rather than at home.Teeth Whitening

The popularity of teeth whitening in general has led to the proliferation of home do-it-yourself whitening kits; once only available in the dentist’s office, whitening products can now be purchased in supermarkets and drug stores without prescription. But the “convenience” of a home kit comes at a price — most people find they aren’t happy with the results. This is for a number of reasons, not least of which is the lower concentration of the whitening solution in home kits; with less of the bleaching agents in the solution, most users require multiple treatments to achieve the results they’re after. What’s worse, even after spending money on several whitening kits, many still don’t see the change they’d hoped for — because without the expert advice of a dentist who’s had an opportunity to examine your teeth and the condition of your enamel, there’s just no way of knowing how (or whether) the whitening products will actually affect your teeth.

Getting teeth whitening done with a dental professional means you’ve got professional strength products and professional caliber advice — if your teeth aren’t likely to respond to whitening agents, your dentist will know well in advance, and can recommend alternative procedures to get you the smile you’re after! To learn more about teeth whitening and other procedures we offer at this office, please contact us today and schedule an initial appointment!