Teeth Whitening For A Brighter Smile

Teeth whitening procedures have become one of the most-requested treatments at our practice; our dentists and staff believe that every patient should have a chance to have a great smile they love showing off. Among our wide range of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic procedures, teeth whitening has gained popularity at least in part because it’s a safe, quick way to see profound and easily noticed results for many of our patients.Brewster Teeth Whitening

We know there are numerous teeth whitening products available over the counter, at drugs stores and even grocery stores, that offer the promise of whiter teeth without the perceived inconvenience and cost of visiting a dental professional. And for a very small percentage of patients, these products may provide them with the degree of whitening they are hoping for. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure until you buy them and try them whether they will work for your teeth — nor is there a way to know whether the necessarily less concentrated formulations over the counter products use will be effective in one, two, three or even more applications.

When you undergo a teeth whitening procedure at a professional dental practice, you have the benefit of a thorough examination that can tell you well in advance whether the procedure will even work for you — whether your teeth and the condition of your enamel is such that teeth whitening solutions of any concentration will bring you the results you want. At our office, your dentist can discuss with you what degree of whitening you’d like to see, and how to get there — either all at once, or gradually so that no one will notice. And if teeth whitening won’t work best for you, we can recommend other procedures to get you the smile you deserve!