Teeth Whitening at Your Dentist

Clean Teeth - Fairfield DentistryIf you have been considering teeth whitening to add a sparkle to your smile, the market has a large variety of options to choose from. Understanding how the teeth whitening procedure works is important. This article sites a few examples of how your dentist performs this procedure.

The idea behind teeth whitening is to lighten your teeth’s color.  Absolutely no parts of your teeth need to be removed for teeth whitening. The idea of teeth whitening is not to change your teeth’s color, but to lighten and brighten your teeth’s natural color.

A special tray formed over your teeth is placed into the mouth by your dentist.  A whitening chemical, usually hydrogen peroxide or carbonate peroxide is inside the tray. The chemical is activated by heat or a combination of heat and light.

In some cases your teeth will only need one treatment and other times the procedure will need to be repeated, until the dentist reached your optimal color. Visual Results are normally achieved after two to three visits to your dentist. During the initial appointment your dentist will make an individualized mouth impression for the tray being used in the procedure.

Professional teeth whitening effects usually last at least three years or more.  Your teeth may feel a bit more sensitive the first few days after your procedure, but the sensitivity does not last any longer than one week.