Hints From The Dentist: Sherman Professionals Offer Flossing Help

Dental Flossing - BurioThe best way to avoid gingivitis and other more advanced forms of gum disease is through regular flossing. The trouble, we’ve found, is that even when they can be convinced its important to do, many patients don’t do it correctly. Thanks to help from their dentist New Fairfield patients can have a better understanding of the finer points of flossing — here are a few things to think about when you’re at the mirror.

First of all, most patients need to floss more slowly; count on at least two minutes to cover both sides of every tooth. If you’re taking less than two minutes, you’re probably not doing a very good job on your teeth. Floss on both sides of every tooth — just getting the floss between teeth is only the start. Angle your fingers back so the floss begins to surround one side of a tooth, then get the other side of the adjacent tooth before you move on.

Next, be sure you’re moving that floss down as you go, not re-using the same length of floss for every space. Done properly, flossing removes bacteria that’s found its way into the gap there; if you keep using the same section of floss, you might just be spreading bacteria around, rather than removing it.

Finally, don’t forget those back teeth! Even though they are exposed, e.g. there isn’t an adjacent tooth right next to them, you should still clean both sides of those teeth with floss — there’s no substitute for the strength and cleaning power of that floss, and back teeth are notorious for collecting bacteria on them.

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