For Teeth Whitening, Danbury Patients Choose The Dentist

Candlewood Teeth WhiteningFor a generation that’s grown up choosing the “do it yourself” option more often than not, it’s sometimes a hard sell that there are some things that are best left to professionals. But if you’re looking at whitening your teeth, there are a lot of reasons to consider an in-office visit to a cosmetic dentist. Danbury residents should be aware that most of the solutions used in teeth whitening procedures contain bleaching solutions that are in very different concentrations, and those variations can make the difference between an effective treatment and one that’s frustrating to the patient.

As professionals in cosmetic dentistry, Danbury dentists will have access to whitening solutions that are of higher concentration than the store-bought home whitening kits. The biggest reason for this is that professional cosmetic dentists have the training and expertise to use those higher concentrations safely and effectively — they’ll also have taken stock of the particular condition of each patient’s teeth, and will know exactly how long they need to keep the solution in contact with the teeth for the best whitening effect.

In contrast to what you find at the dentist Danbury residents using home kits will notice that the weaker whitening solutions will take longer and repeated application to achieve the desired level of whitening — and for people with sensitive teeth, those applications may be more than they can comfortably bear. At a professional teeth whitening treatment in the office of a cosmetic dentist, patients have the possibility of using desensitizers which are, again, only available under the care of licensed dentists.

In-office tooth whitening also tends to be more comprehensive, using custom-fitted trays that completely cover the teeth, and can be scheduled alongside a thorough examination; for more information about teeth whitening and other procedures, please contact us today.