Excellent Dental Care Is Essential for Those with Diabetes

A recent survey of 2.5 million American adults revealed a surprise: Those with diabetes or prediabetes are least likely to visit the dentist!

Why not? It’s really a mystery, because the sugar-loving bacteria in your mouth put people with diabetes at an increased risk for gum disease. Those with poor blood sugar control get periodontal disease more frequently than others and they lose more teeth too.

And it goes both ways – gum disease can actually hamper blood sugar control and therefore speed the progression of diabetes.

Oral Hygiene Tips for Those with Diabetes

  • Brush and floss after every meal.
  • Keep up with your dental appointments for cleanings and exams. Ask us if you should have your teeth cleaned every 3 months instead of every 6 months.
  • Plan your dental visits carefully around your meal and insulin times.
  • Watch for any changes in your mouth including sensitivity, pain, sores or bleeding gums and report these to your dentist right away.
  • Be alert for dry mouth which can lead to sores, infection, ulcers and tooth decay.

Put a Dentist on Your Diabetes Management Team

Manage your diabetes with the right support! Your health care team should include your primary care physician, registered dietician, an endocrinologist who specializes in treating diabetes, eye doctor, podiatrist and pharmacist.

Don’t forget to put your dentist on your diabetes support team! Please tell us if you have diabetes and therefore may need extra care. Regular dental visits help prevent periodontal disease and can also catch early signs of gum disease such as gingivitis.

Let Us Know If You Have Questions on Any Aspect of Oral Health Care

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