Don’t Fear The Dentist

Candlewood dentistOne of the most common sources of anxiety for many people is a visit to the dentist. Whether they’ve had bad experiences at dentists in their childhood, or simply have an unfounded (but very real) fear of the dentist’s office, the phobia can lead to people not getting the dental care they need. Many patients let minor pain fester and become an even bigger dental health problem out of fear of going to the dentist — or, worse, they develop health issues that might have been identified early, but weren’t because a dentist never had a chance to perform even a routine evaluation of their teeth.

The first thing for people with a fear of dentist’s offices to consider is that the industry has come a long way, so to speak; modern dental practices have developed procedures and methodologies that have made dental visits routine, painless affairs. Many practices have gone out of their way to establish protocols that help alleviate patient anxiety by creating soothing spaces in their offices for patients — soft lighting, more comfortable seating, and music begin the process. Special training that helps everyone in the practice relieve patient anxiety has shown itself particularly effective in fighting those old phobias — and in helping patients get the care they need.

For patients who can’t get past the anxiety surrounding a dentist visit, sedation dentistry has become a popular option. Prescription medication that calms a patient — or, in many cases, simply lets them sleep through the entire visit — helps people with high levels of fear enjoy all the benefits of regular dental examinations and professional cleanings, without the fear that might otherwise accompany them.

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