Digital Radiographs: The New Dental X-Rays

Like many modern technologies, dentistry has gone digital!


Today’s dental x-rays, also known as radiographs, use digital processes that expose our patients to less radiation than in the past. In fact, the amount of radiation that you’ll receive at our office is less than what you’d experience in a day at the beach or when flying in a plane. Modern dental x-rays are safe for pregnant women too.


A digital format ensures that the images are available for immediate viewing and can be enhanced and enlarged without having to re-expose the patient to another x-ray.


Another advantage to digital radiographs is that there is no need to use toxic chemicals to develop the images, so no more environmental damage!


Why Radiographs Are Important


Dental radiographs are valuable diagnostic tools. A visual inspection of your teeth and gums often won’t reveal underlying problems. Cavities, abscesses and bone loss all require prompt treatment and are all detectable with x-rays. And digital radiographs produce far more detailed and enhanced images.


Radiographs are taken at varying intervals between 1 to 3 years based on the type of x-ray and the patient’s dental conditions.


For children, we’ll take a first set of x-rays at a fairly young age to check that all the teeth are present and developing correctly.


Regular digital dental radiographs are an important part of preventive dentistry along with semi-annual cleanings and examinations. Please call us today for an appointment – we’d like to see you in our office soon!


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