At The Dentist, Teeth Whitening Is A Measured Response

Many of our patients are real “can do” people, and it’s great to hear about the various projects they’re tackling themselves; whether they’re putting in new kitchen cabinets or building an addition to their deck, it’s a great source of pride to get something done without the help of the “pros” out there.Whitened Teeth - Brewster

Unfortunately, there are some things that don’t lend themselves well to the “DIY” spirit; in particular we’ve heard from a lot of patients who have had some difficult experiences with home teeth whitening kits, and today we’d like to address why we think having the procedure done in our offices is a much more effective and safe way to go.

The teeth whitening solutions dentists use in our clinics is more concentrated than that found in home-care whitening kits, which typically means you’ll need fewer applications (or even just one) to reach the level of whitening that’s appropriate for your smile. What’s more, since you’re having the procedure done under the supervision of a dental professional — who has taken the time to examine your teeth and tooth enamel carefully — you can be sure you’re getting the maximum amount of whitening agent your teeth can safely endure.

Finally, there may be some patients who are looking for whiter teeth who won’t benefit from trying to whiten teeth either at home or in our office. For those patients, knowing that the bleaching solutions won’t get them where they want to be can save a lot of frustration — and at our office, our professional cosmetic dentistry team can suggest other options that might be more suited to your teeth and your smile.

Your dentistry goals are our priority; contact us today to find out if teeth whitening will work for you!