Dental Health: An Important Part of Pregnancy Care

You’re expecting a baby – congratulations! This is a special time for you and your family, especially when it comes to taking care of your health.

So take your prenatal vitamins, get plenty of rest, put your feet up often, stay hydrated and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Oh yes, and one more thing – be sure to take extra care with your dental health during your pregnancy and after the baby comes!

Practice Good Oral Health Routines During Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that increase your chance of developing gum disease. Your gums react differently to dental plaque and can become inflamed and sore. Being pregnant can also increase the amount of bacteria in your mouth. This can not only harm your gums and teeth, but can affect the health of your developing baby.

Follow these tips to keep your teeth in great shape as you await your little one:

  • Let us know if you are pregnant. We can usually perform routine dental care and anything that may be more urgent, but we will probably postpone elective dental procedures until after the baby is born. Check with your obstetrician for any precautions.
  • Bring a list of all your drugs and prenatal vitamins when you come for an appointment.
  • We can take x-rays, if necessary, while appropriately shielding your abdomen and thyroid.
  • Regular teeth and periodontal (gum) exams are very important during pregnancy. We will check for tender and bleeding gums, also called pregnancy gingivitis. Be watchful for any changes to your gums and give us a call right away if you notice gum swelling or bleeding.

Importantly, continue your good oral hygiene practices. Brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste and floss each day.

Let Us Know If You Have Questions on Any Aspect of Oral Health Care

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