Cosmetic Dentistry Helpful For Patients of All Ages

Bewster DentistryAs an emerging specialty, cosmetic dentistry has endured its share of misconceptions over the years; one of the most important things for new patients tot understand is that “cosmetic” does not mean the same things as “superfluous.” In fact, procedures that are considered cosmetic include using fillings that are less noticeable than traditional metal fillings — and the correction of bite patterns that cause serious health problems is also a process that’s considered “cosmetic.”

Indeed, far from the images of Hollywood starlets having work done to get blindingly white, unnatural-looking smiles, modern cosmetic dentistry is about helping patients look and feel more natural with respect to their teeth — the principle focus of most practices is finding new ways for our patients to feel like their smiles are the best they can possibly be, and not look like there’s been any procedure done at all.

For our younger patients, this sense of “invisibility” is particularly important in the teenage years, where cavities, braces, and even more serious dental work can be a cause of anxiety and a fear of disapproval among their peers. Fortunately, today’s advanced procedures and materials are as difficult to notice as they are painless; from invisible braces to tooth-colored composite material, there is little chance most patients’ friends and families will even know they ever visited the dentist.

Cosmetic Dentistry Offered by Candlewood

At any age, of course, looking better and feeling better is desirable; cosmetic dentistry helps patients who suffer from unsightly dental problems as much as those whose functionality is impaired because of poorly spaced or sized teeth — or those who have suffered tooth damage or loss as a result of injury or disease. From veneers to implants, there is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that’s right for you; contact us today for more information.