Changing Smiles For The Better: Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentistry candlewoodIf you find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering if it’s possible to improve the look of your smile through cosmetic dentistry, you’re not alone; in fact, the desire to change their smile is one of the most common among patients. Dissatisfaction with problems that have been around since they were children ranks highly — perhaps crooked or misshapen teeth are detracting from their appearance, or they believe their teeth are poorly sized for their face. For many patients, there has been some sort of trauma event, such as a sports injury or car accident, and they look to cosmetic dentistry to restore their mouth to its previous state. And for some of our patients, the effect the passage of time has had on their smiles — the appearance of gaps, cracked teeth, worn areas in the mouth, or simply discoloration that’s developed over the years — has brought them to looking for answers.

Cosmetic dentistry has been the solution for hundreds of our patients. The term covers a wide range of procedures (and combinations of those procedures), ranging from simple tooth whitening to long-term surgical commitments. But the overarching philosophy of cosmetic dentistry remains the same from dentist to dentist and from patient to patient: finding ways to correct not only the dental health problems as they present themselves, but also ways to improve the final “look and feel” of a patient’s mouth.

Where regular general practice dentistry leaves off, cosmetic dentistry begins; cosmetic dentists are trained not only in standard dental procedures, but also have experience and special training surrounding the aesthetics of the mouth, smile and face. The difference is an improvement in your smile you can enjoy every time you look in the mirror; contact our office today for an appointment!