At The Dentist New Fairfield Kids Learn Importance Of Dental Health

Fairfield Children's DentistWhen it comes to going to the dentist, Connecticut children are just like children everywhere: they’re, at best, wholly nonplussed by the idea of maintaining their dental health and are more often than not completely indifferent to the importance of brushing and flossing, let alone more involved dental hygiene practices.

This is a problem because a child’s future dental health is directly related to the sort of habits they evolved early in life; by the time they go as adults to the dentist, Danbury patients who started on good dental health habits as children have far better outcomes. There are a few tips we can offer parents who are trying to generate some enthusiasm for home dental care in their children.

First, know kids are focused on the tools they’re using, and many of them want to have whatever their parents have. That doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily like the taste of dad’s toothpaste as much as their own kids’ fruity blend, but they’ll want to have the sense they’re doing the same thing as the grownups. For parents that requires a lot of modeling behavior — just like in every other aspect of their lives, the kids will copy what you do. If you brush and floss twice a day, they’ll want to, too.

That carries over into electric toothbrushes as well. A lot of adults have transitioned to electric toothbrushes with good success on their overall dental health; many children find they’re better able to effectively clean their teeth with these brushes also. That doesn’t mean your 4 year-old needs a $90 toothbrush, either; many less expensive models are available that are specially designed for children, both in size and style.

If you’d like to learn more about keeping your children’s teeth healthy, give us a call today!