Advice On Gum Disease From The Family Dentist Danbury Trusts Most

Healthy GumsWhen it comes to so-called “hot topics” in dentistry, Danbury dental professionals like to talk early and often to their patients about gingivitis, a.k.a. gum disease. A common misconception about gingivitis and gum disease Danbury patients hold is that it’s the same thing as periodontitis, a more serious condition that is related but treated differently.

At the dentist, Danbury professionals talk about gingivitis in terms of the inflammation the disease manifests within the gums that surround the teeth, whereas periodontitis concerns itself more with infections and inflammations within the bone under the gums. At its core, gingivitis is a disease that results from poor habits with regard to dental hygiene, and can be best addressed by improvements in brushing and flossing, combined with a regular schedule of professional dental cleaning.

Periodontitis, however, typically needs to be treated more aggressively; there are issues surrounding loss and degradation of bone mass and structure that are more significant health problems than are usually associated with relatively mild cases of gingivitis, and will likely require repeated visits to a periodontal specialists as well as the possibility of extended courses of medication.

The best cure for any disease, of course, is to make your best effort at prevention; both gingivitis and periodontitis can usually be avoided with the implementation of good oral hygiene practices — good and regular brushing and flossing technique, coupled with regular visits to the dentist for cleaning and examination — and the avoidance of risk factors associated with the increased likelihood of gum disease, which commonly includes such things as smoking, chewing tobacco, poor nutrition and stress.

There’s no substitute for good information from a dental professional; to learn more about gum disease and to schedule an appointment, call us today!