Advanced Orthodontics: The “Invisible” Braces

Invisible BracesMany patients who suffer from crooked teeth or a misaligned bite pattern tend to think of their issue as more of a cosmetic problem. And while the promise of straighter, better-looking teeth is often one of the biggest reasons people seek orthodontics, dental professionals will tell you there are real oral health risks to poor alignment as well; often these teeth cannot be cleaned properly through normal brushing and flossing, and put the patient at greater risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

One of the most common orthodontic procedures is to use braces to re-align teeth; traditional braces however were more than a little off-putting for many patients, being cumbersome and unsightly. Fortunately modern orthodontic practices have another tool for the job: the SureSmile system, which offers several distinct advantages that tend to make patients more enthusiastic about improving their smile.

Perhaps the biggest advantages are in appearance and comfort; rather than a permanently attached set of metal and wire braces, the SureSmile aligner trays are soft, clear plastic. This means that when they are in place, they are very difficult for others to notice, and much more comfortable than metal braces every could be.

Speaking of comfort, another important advantage is that the aligners can be removed by the patient whenever necessary — to brush and floss their teeth, for example, or to dig into a meal. This means that patients using the SureSmile system don’t have to change their diets, or learn how to clean their teeth properly around braces and wires.

Finally, most patients find the journey toward a straighter smile takes place more quickly and easily with SureSmile orthodontics; instead of having the often painful experience of getting wires between braces tightened, each visit to the orthodontist will produce a new, slightly different alignment tray to wear.

If you’d like more information about SureSmile as an alternative to metal braces, contact us today!