Add Tongue Brushing to Your Daily Oral Care

You know that bacteria love to congregate on your teeth, creating acid that can eat away at the tooth’s surface. But did you know that bacteria also lurk on your tongue?

The surface of the tongue is uneven, with taste buds and tiny crevices and ridges all over. These are great hiding places for bacteria and they will accumulate there unless removed. Tongue bacteria is one of the main causes of bad breath.

Bacteria on the tongue forms a biofilm, or a group of microorganisms, and a mouth rinse will only attack the outer cells of the biofilm. So rinsing your mouth, even with anti-bacterial mouthwashes, can’t get at these sticky bacteria. You need to physically remove the bacteria with targeted tongue cleaning.

How To Clean Your Tongue

You can use your own toothbrush to clean your tongue. Just make sure that it is a soft-bristled brush instead of medium or hard-bristled.

Add a tiny bit of toothpaste to your brush and begin brushing at the rear of the tongue.

Work your way forward to the tongue’s tip with gentle back and forth and side to side motions. Rinse thoroughly and then use a commercial mouthwash to moisten the mouth and get rid of even more bacteria.

A plastic tongue scraper can do an even more thorough job. This flexible plastic tool can gently peel away the bacteria biofilm layer. Use gentle strokes and rinse the scraper thoroughly after each swipe.

Cleaning your tongue each time your brush, along with daily flossing and rinsing, can improve your overall oral health and help minimize your risk of dental problems and bad breath too.

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