5 Ways to Protect Your Teeth As You Age

Wear and tear is normal on every part of our bodies as we age. From our joints to our muscles, and even our bones, there’s no way to stop the aging process. However, there is a way to protect ad keep our teeth as strong as possible to minimize the damage done over time. Here are 5 ways to protect your teeth as you age.

  1. Good Dental Hygiene – Having the best dental hygiene is the #1 way to make sure that your teeth stay healthy. Brush starting from a different corner of your mouth every day to ensure that your teeth are getting evenly brushed. Also, flossing can make a huge difference in preventing cavities in between your teeth.   Small cavities in between teeth are difficult to treat and can lead to gingivitis or other dental issues.
  1. Eat Healthy Foods – This means staying away from sugary, sticky, staining foods and adding a lot of vitamin D and calcium to your diet. Lean proteins are also great along with whole grains to keep your diet balanced.
  1. Limit Home Whitening Treatments – Over-whitening your teeth can cause them to become weaker and more sensitive over time. If you do get your teeth bleached, make sure it’s by a professional instead of using multiple whitening tools at home. At home whiteners are abrasive and can cause your teeth to become discolored and grey.
  1. Visit the Dentist FrequentlyFrequent visits ensure that your dentist can spot problems before they become serious. Preventative treatment is the best way to protect your teeth over time.
  1. Drink Water – Add a few extra cups of water to your daily routine. Water not only helps keep the inside of your mouth clean, it also helps rid your body of waste and toxic buildup. Extra water can also help you lose weight and lower your risk of diseases like diabetes.

If you have any questions on how to best take care of your teeth, come visit Dr. Lorraine Burio at Candlewood Dental Care. Dr. Burio has been treating patients in the New Fairfield, CT area for over twenty-five years. Call us at 203-746-1200.