5 Steps To Treat Tooth-Related Headaches

Headaches can happen to us for many different reasons from dehydration to sickness to even toothaches. If you have constant headaches due to TMJ or other jaw/mouth related issues here are a few ways you can try to get some relief.

  1. Take some anti-inflammatories

    The first thing you can do to immediately eliminate the pain is to take medication for it. Do not take more than recommended and only use it so that you can clear your head to figure out the real reason behind your headache. The pain is only being masked and not treated, so don’t just rely on the medicine.

  2. Check for Cavities

    If you feel any achiness in your mouth or feel cavities with your tongue, go to your dentist immediately. You may not be able to see cavities even if they are large due to their placement in your mouth. Cavities can lead to infections which can lead to very severe and dangerous headaches.

  3. Massage Your Jaw

    Try to relieve some of the built up tension and rub your jaws and temple line. You may have been clenching or grinding your teeth without knowing it, causing chronic headaches. Use baby oil or lotion to help you smoothly massage your whole face/head.

  4. Get Diagnosed

    Sometimes the fastest way to find relief is to ask a professional. Candlewood Dental Care uses state-of-the-art technology that can painlessly screen you for certain issues that may be causing headaches.

  5. Check Your Sleep

    Good sleep is extremely important for everyone. A few minutes less sleep won’t hurt, but repeatedly losing sleep or having stressful sleep can definitely cause headaches among many other issues. You may need to visit a sleep testing center to have a professional observe your sleep patterns.

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