5 Myths About Teeth

Over the years, there have been some interesting ideas and stories that people have come to believe are true about your teeth. It’s important to know the facts and filter out the myths from the truth. Here are a few myths that you should avoid if you want your teeth to stay healthy!

  1. Bleaching makes your teeth weaker

    When using whitening products, you should always follow the directions. (If you get your teeth bleached at the dentist, you don’t have to worry because you don’t actually have to do anything!) Whitening products may make your gums and teeth sensitive and translucent, but they don’t actually weaken the structure of the tooth. Your enamel will eventually re-mineralize and replace what was dissolved over time.

  2. A lost tooth is lost forever

    A tooth that has been knocked out can actually be placed back in your mouth and heal in about a month. It will be fully fixed by the end of two months time. This only works however, if your tooth has very recently been knocked out and you keep the cells inside the tooth alive by either keeping the tooth in your mouth or storing it in saline or milk.

    You can feel when you have a cavity

    If your teeth are checked frequently by a dentist, they can usually find and fix your cavities before they cause discomfort or pain. Cavities that are already causing pain most likely means that the cavity was just found a little later (and after a little more damage has been done.)

  3. If your teeth are white, they’re healthy

    (And vice versa, if your teeth are discolored, they’re not.) Your teeth, no matter what the color, can still have infection or decay. In fact, you have to be extra careful when your teeth are whiter because it can be hard to spot tooth decay or infection.

  4. Don’t brush your gums if they’re bleeding

    If your gums are bleeding it may be due to plaque build up. In order to get them to stop bleeding, you need to brush the plaque off. Be gentle, especially if your gums are easily irritated and bleed frequently.

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