5 Famous Dentists

Famous DentistsAlthough you may not have realized it, many people who helped form our nation were dentists!  This article highlights some of these interesting and amazing individuals.

Edgar Buchanan

Also an actor known best for his roles in television shows Green Acres and Beverly Hillbillies.  Before his life of television fame he was a dentist that ran a very successful practice.  Ed became a dentist after growing up with a father who was also a dentist.  After being in over 100 movies, Dr. Buchanan moved his dental practice from Eugene, Oregon to Altadena, California.

It might also be interesting to know that Dr. Buchanan’s wife was a dentist as well.  Ed met the Mrs. at the North Pacific College School of Dentistry, also known now as the Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry.

Thomas Bramwell Welch

Thomas Bramwell Welch was a wonderful dentist but you may know him better for being the inventor who discovered how to stop grape juice from fermenting, and thus was born Welch’s Grape juice.

Following in the father/ son trend, Thomas’s son, Charles E. Welch, was a dentist as well.  Charles helped his father create Welch’s Dental Supply Company and established a dentistry journal.

Paul Revere

Best known as the man who rode his horse at the start of the American Revolution shouting, “The British are coming!”,  you might find it interesting to know that Paul Revere was also a dentist.  Some sources speculate that he may have even made George Washington teeth, however solid evidence is lacking to prove this is true.

Mark Spitz

Okay, we might be stretching it a little on this one.  Spitz had been accepted to dental school, but had to decline to pursue his ambitions to become an Olympic athlete.  He won two gold medals for swimming at the 1968 Olympic games and 7 gold medals in Munich at the 1972 Olympics.

“Doc” Holiday

There are two thing most people did not know about this famous cowboy.  His real name is John Henry Holiday, and surprise! He was dentist. After the doc established a dental practice in Atlanta, he developed tuberculosis and it is speculated that he moved west to improve his health.  The rest is history!