4 Visual Warning Signs For your Teeth

Having a bright white smile can be deceiving. Just because your smile is white doesn’t mean your teeth are extremely healthy. Here are a few things to take a closer look at when you examine your teeth.

  1. Translucent Teeth

    From a distance your teeth may look extremely white and clean, however when you look closely, your teeth have almost a bluish tint. This means your enamel is thin and your teeth are weaker in those translucent areas. You can’t whiten your translucent teeth into looking less transparent. The only way to fix it would be through using veneers.

  2. Buildup Behind Your Teeth

    When you brush, you can clearly see the front of your teeth, but the back of your teeth can easily be missed. Make sure to check the back of your teeth to see if any plaque has been building up. If you don’t clear the plaque quickly enough, it can turn to tarter which is very difficult to remove without your dentist.

  3. White Spots

    Over exposure to fluoride may cause your teeth to show white spots that can eventually turn into brown spots. If you catch the white spots early, it’s much easier for your dentist to fix than if you wait until the spots turn color.

  4. White Tongue

    Although this is not really an issue by itself, a tongue that is not properly clean can host a large amount of bacteria that can spread into other parts of your mouth and body. If your tongue is white, gently brush it with your toothbrush or a tongue brush until it is a healthy pink again.

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