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As a teenager or young adult more and more pressure is being put on both dentists and kids to get braces or other teeth straightening devices. Although they aren’t always pretty to look at braces and other forms of corrective headgear can help teeth grow in straighter, better and help fix some dental problems that could occur down the road. If you are interested in the many opportunities for people of all ages in Sherman orthodontics, look no further!

Necessary orthodontics Sherman:

We certainly aren’t all born with straight teeth; gaps, crooked teeth, overbites and under bites are all too common. While this might not affect your daily life it can, over time, affect how you interact with people, your self-confidence, and dental hygiene habits. Having straight teeth is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can help prevent many other dental problems down the road.

Orthodontics Sherman is much more than just the typical metal braces you think of when someone mentions orthodonture. For young children or teenagers having braces is almost a rite of passage; however, for older adults that are in the professional world or are socializing with a much wider variety of people, having obvious metal braces in your mouth can be a big detraction.

That’s when technologies like SureSmile come into play. SureSmile is a clear, custom made mouthpiece that gradually straightens teeth without the use of clunky metal braces. Other slightly more obvious mouthpieces are clear or white braces, which are in the middle ground between metal braces and SureSmile. Clear or white braces are made of ceramic or a special plastic that are designed to blend in with your teeth, and the wires holding the braces together are also made of a subtle material so as to not be as noticeable.

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More options for orthodontics Sherman:

Removable plates and functional orthodontics are two other options for orthodontic procedures. Removable plates are like retainers and can move the teeth from the inside of your mouth, making them less noticeable when you speak or eat. Another similar option is called lingual braces which are pinned to the inside of the teeth rather than the outside which makes for a less noticeable orthodontics option; however, lingual braces aren’t performed by many orthodontics Sherman and can be quite expensive, in addition to taking up a lot of time in and out of the orthodontist’s office.

A combination of different orthodontics Sherman techniques can also be used depending on the state of your teeth. Some people require many years of braces as well as headgear or retainers to make sure the progress made by the braces isn’t lost. Our teeth continue to move throughout our lives, so having orthodontics Sherman is really important!