Oral Surgery New Milford

Aftercare for Oral Surgery New Milford

Once you have undergone and completed oral surgery New Milford, it is important to follow a specific aftercare regimen to ensure proper healing. Once the surgical procedure is done, your dentist or oral surgeon will place a folded cotton gauze pad in your mouth to help stop the bleeding. It will be important to replace those pads when needed to help reduce and stop additional bleeding that may happen while you are at home. Additionally, your dentist or oral surgeon may give you painkillers to help reduce the pain you may feel after surgery.

It is important to relax after oral surgery New Milford

Oral surgery New Milford is a major procedure, and it is important to fully rest and recuperate after the procedure has been completed and you are at home. While your mouth is still numb, be careful not to bite the inside of your cheek or lip or bite down directly on the affected area. You want to bite down gently on the gauze pad periodically during the first 24 hours after surgery to soak up any blood, and you want to change pads when old ones become oversaturated with blood. If you are resting, it is important to not lie flat on your couch or bed. Lying prone may prolong the bleeding, so it is advisable to prop your head up with pillows to keep you in a more upright position.

It is important to perform excellent aftercare so your oral surgery New Milford is a success

In addition to rest and frequent changing of the gauze pads, it is also important to use ice packs to reduce swelling. You can also use moist-heat 2 to 3 days after the procedure. This can be accomplished by simply soaking a washcloth is some warm water. It is important to fully relax after surgery because any type of physical activity may aggravate bleeding and prolong recovery time. After the first day, you can gently wash out your mouth with a gentle salt water solution. If you are a smoker, it is important not to smoke for 24 hours after surgery is completed. The sucking motion of smoking will loosen the clots that have formed and bleeding can occur.

You need to watch what you eat after oral surgery New Milford

It is important not to resume your normal diet immediately after oral surgery New Milford. You will need to start eating soft foods such as Jell-O gelation, pudding or soup. As your heal, you can start incorporating more solid food back into your diet, but you want to do so carefully and call your dentist if you experience prolonged bleeding. For the first few days after oral surgery New Milford, you will have to avoid using a straw when drinking. Like smoking, the suction action will cause the clots to loosen and will prolong bleeding and healing.